National Championships

Year by Year

NCAA Division III
Summary of Tournament Champions
                            CIAW/AIAW                                NCAA Division I                                            NWIT
  Year        Winner              Runner-Up               Winner             Runner-Up                Winner               Runner-Up 
1969 West Chester Western Carolina Wayland Baptist Ouachita Baptist
1970 C.S.-Fullerton West Chester  Wayland Baptist Midwestern Iowa
1971 Miss.-Women West Chester  Wayland Baptist Parsons 
1972  Immaculata West Chester  Wayland Baptist John F. Kennedy
1973  Immaculata Queens College Wayland Baptist John F. Kennedy
1974 Immaculata Mississippi Coll. Wayland Baptist John F. Kennedy
1975 Delta State Immaculata Wayland Baptist UCLA
1976 Delta State Immaculata Wayland Baptist UCLA
1977 Delta State Louisiana State Wayland Baptist UCLA
1978 UCLA Maryland Old Dominion Texas
1979 Old Dominion Louisiana Tech South Carolina Drake
1980 Old Dominion Tennessee Oregon State North Carolina
1981 Louisiana Tech Tennessee Georgia Arizona State
1982 Rutgers Texas Louisiana Tech Cheyney State Oregon State Florida State
1983 Southern Cal Louisiana Tech New Orleans Memphis
1984 Southern Cal Tennessee Vanderbilt Tenn.-Chatt.
1985 Old Dominion Georgia Louisiana State Florida
1986 Texas Southern Cal Idaho Northwestern St.
1987 Tennessee Louisiana Tech Arkansas California
1988 Louisiana Tech Auburn DePaul Purdue
1989 Tennessee Auburn Oregon San Diego State
1990 Stanford Auburn  Kentucky Toledo
1991 Tennessee Virginia Santa Clara Indiana
1992 Stanford West. Kentucky Georgia Tech Hawaii
1993 Texas Tech Ohio State Arkansas State Southern Meth.
1994 North Carolina Louisiana Tech Oklahoma Arkansas State
1995 Connecticut Tennessee Texas A&M Northwestern St.
1996 Tennessee Georgia Arizona Northwestern
1997 Tennessee Old Dominion no tournament
1998 Tennessee Louisiana Tech Penn State Baylor
1999 Purdue Duke Arkansas Wisconsin
2000 Connecticut Tennessee Wisconsin Florida
2001 Notre Dame Purdue Ohio State New Mexico
2002 Connecticut Oklahoma Oregon Houston
2003 Connecticut Tennessee Auburn Baylor
2004 Connecticut Tennessee Creighton Nevada-Las Vegas
2005 Baylor Michigan State SW Missouri St. West Virginia
2006 Maryland Duke Kansas State Marquette
2007 Tennessee Rutgers Wyoming Wisconsin
2008 Tennessee Stanford Marquette Michigan St.
2009 Connecticut Louisville South Florida Kansas
2010 Connecticut Stanford California Miami (FL)
2011 Texas A&M Notre Dame Toledo Southern Cal
2012 Baylor Notre Dame Oklahoma St. James Madison

Conference on Intercollegiate Athletics for Women  (CIAW)
    Year                  Champion                          Runner-Up                   Third Place                         Fourth Place
1969  West Chester Western Carolina Iowa Wesleyan Iowa
1970 Cal. State-Fullerton West Chester Ursinus Western Carolina
1971 Mississippi-Women West Chester North Carolina Southern Connecticut St.

Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women  (AIAW)
    Year            Champion                      Runner-Up                           Third Place                         Fourth Place
1972 Immaculata West Chester Mississippi-Women Cal. State-Fullerton
1973 Immaculata Queens College Southern Connecticut St. Indiana
1974 Immaculata Mississippi College Southern Connecticut St. William Penn
1975 Delta State Immaculata Cal. State-Fullerton Southern Connecticut St.
1976 Delta State Immaculata Wayland Baptist William Penn
1977 Delta State Louisiana State Tennessee Immaculata
1978 UCLA Maryland Montclair State Wayland Baptist
1979 Old Dominion Louisiana Tech Tennessee UCLA
1980 Old Dominion Tennessee South Carolina Louisiana Tech
1981 Louisiana Tech Tennessee Old Dominion Southern California
1982* Rutgers Texas Wayland Baptist Villanova
 *  Although both the AIAW and the NCAA sponsored national championship tournaments in 1982,
      the NCAA tournament was considered to be the definitive national championship.
     The AIAW dissolved after the 1982 tournament.

National Collegiate Athletics Association  (NCAA) -- Division I
    Year             Champion                            Runner-Up                                    Final Four Participants**
1982  Louisiana Tech  Cheyney State Tennessee Maryland
1983 Southern California Louisiana Tech Georgia Old Dominion
1984 Southern California Tennessee Louisiana Tech Cheyney State
1985 Old Dominion Georgia Northeast Louisiana Western Kentucky
1986 Texas Southern California Western Kentucky Tennessee
1987 Tennessee Louisiana Tech Long Beach State Texas
1988 Louisiana Tech Auburn Tennessee Long Beach State
1989 Tennessee Auburn Maryland Louisiana Tech
1990 Stanford Auburn Virginia Louisiana Tech
1991 Tennessee Virginia Stanford Connecticut
1992 Stanford Western Kentucky Virginia Southwest Missouri St.
1993 Texas Tech Ohio State Vanderbilt Iowa
1994 North Carolina Louisiana Tech Purdue Alabama
1995 Connecticut Tennessee Stanford Georgia
1996 Tennessee Georgia Connecticut Stanford
1997 Tennessee Old Dominion Notre Dame Stanford
1998 Tennessee Louisiana Tech Arkansas North Carolina State
1999 Purdue Duke Louisiana Tech Georgia
2000 Connecticut Tennessee Penn State Rutgers
2001 Notre Dame Purdue Connecticut Southwest Missouri State
2002 Connecticut Oklahoma Tennessee Duke
2003 Connecticut Tennessee Texas Duke
2004 Connecticut Tennessee Minnesota Louisiana State
2005 Baylor Michigan State Louisiana State Tennessee
2006 Maryland Duke North Carolina Louisiana State
2007 Tennessee Rutgers North Carolina Louisiana State
2008 Tennessee Stanford Louisiana State Connecticut
2009 Connecticut Louisville Stanford Oklahoma
2010 Connecticut Stanford Baylor Oklahoma
2011 Texas A&M Notre Dame Stanford Connecticut
2012 Baylor Notre Dame Stanford Connecticut
**  In the CIAW and AIAW, the national semifinal losers played a consolation game to determine third
        and fourth places; the NCAA has had no such practice.  Final Four participants in the NCAA tournaments
        are listed by which finalist they played; for example, the 1982 semifinal games matched up Louisiana Tech
        with Tennessee and Cheyney State with Maryland.

Women's National Invitational Tournament  (WNIT)
  Formerly the National Women's Invitational Tournament (NWIT)

  Year            Champion                      Runner-Up                           Third Place                         Fourth Place
1969 Wayland Baptist Ouachita Baptist Midwestern Okla. St. John F. Kennedy
1970 Wayland Baptist Midwestern Okla. St. Ouachita Baptist John F. Kennedy
1971 Wayland Baptist Parsons John F. Kennedy Seminole JC
1972 Wayland Baptist John F. Kennedy Murray State Parsons
1973 Wayland Baptist John F. Kennedy Parsons Ranger JC
1974 Wayland Baptist John F. Kennedy Temple JC, SC UCLA
1975 Wayland Baptist UCLA Belmont Abbey Mercer
1976 Wayland Baptist UCLA Nevada-Las Vegas Belmont Abbey
1977 Wayland Baptist UCLA Mississippi College Old Dominion
1978 Old Dominion Texas Kentucky Long Beach State
1979 South Carolina Drake Oregon Northern Kentucky
1980 Oregon State North Carolina Drake Virginia
1981 Georgia Arizona State Drake
1982 Oregon State Florida State Brigham Young
1983 New Orleans Memphis Oral Roberts Temple
1984 Vanderbilt Tenn.-Chattanooga Clemson Western Kentucky
1985 Louisiana State Florida Texas Tech Drake
1986 Idaho Northwestern State Notre Dame
1987 Arkansas California Creighton Providence
1988 DePaul Purdue New Orleans
1989 Oregon San Diego State Toledo
1990 Kentucky Toledo NC-Charlotte
1991 Santa Clara Indiana Kansas
1992 Georgia Tech Hawaii Arkansas State
1993 Arkansas State Southern Methodist Florida International Marquette
1994 Oklahoma Arkansas State Pittsburgh
1995 Texas A&M Northwestern State Notre Dame
1996 Arizona Northwestern Univ. Louisiana State Arkansas
1997 no tournament
Starting in 1998, there was
no longer a consolation
game to determine
third place. Schools
listed below are
Final Four participants.
1998 Penn State Baylor Louisiana State Indiana
1999 Arkansas Wisconsin
2000 Wisconsin Florida
2001 Ohio State New Mexico
2002 Oregon Houston
2003 Auburn Baylor
2004 Crighton Nevada-Las Vegas
2005 Southwest Missouri West Virginia
2006 Kansas State Marquette
2007 Wyoming Wisconsin Kansas State Western Kentucky
2008 Marquette Michigan State Colorado North Carolina St.
2009 South Florida Kansas Boston College Illinois State
2010 California Miami (FL) Illinois State Michigan
2011 Toledo Southern California Charlotte Illinois State

NCAA Division II
 Year        Location                          Champion                     Runner-Up                      Third Place             Fourth Place
1982 Springfield, MA Cal-Poly Pomona Tuskegee Institute
1983 Springfield, MA Virginia Union Cal-Poly Pomona
1984 Springfield, MA Central Missouri St. Virginia Union
1985 Springfield, MA Cal-Poly Pomona Central Missouri St.
1986 Springfield, MA Cal-Poly Pomona North Dakota State
1987 Springfield, MA New Haven Cal-Poly Pomona
1988 Fargo, ND Hampton West Texas A&M
1989 Cleveland, MS Delta State Cal-Poly Pomona
1990 Pomona, CA Delta State Bentley
1991 Cape Girardeau, MO North Dakota State Southeast Missouri St.
1992 Fargo, ND Delta State North Dakota State
1993 Waltham, MA North Dakota State Delta State
1994 Fargo, ND North Dakota State Cal. St.-San Bernardino
1995 Fargo, ND North Dakota State Portland State
1996 Fargo, ND North Dakota State Shippensburg
1997 Grand Forks, ND North Dakota Southern Indiana UC-Davis Bentley
1998 Pine Bluff, AR North Dakota Emporia State Northern Michigan Francis Marion

NCAA Division III
  Year        Location                          Champion                     Runner-Up                      Third Place             Fourth Place
1982 Elizabethtown, PA Elizabethtown Coll., PA NC-Greensboro
1983 Worcester, MA North Central Coll., IL Elizabethtown Coll., PA
1984 Scranton, PA Rust College, MS Elizabethtown Coll., PA
1985 DePere, WI Univ. of Scranton, PA New Rochelle Coll., NY
1986 Salem, MA Salem State, MA Bishop College, TX
1987 Scranton, PA Wisc.-Stevens Point Concordia-M'head, MN
1988 Moorhead, MN Concordia-M'head, MN St. John Fisher Coll., NY
1989 Danville, KY Elizabethtown Coll., PA Cal. State-Stanislaus
1990 Holland, MI Hope College, MI St. John Fisher Coll., NY
1991 St. Paul, MN Univ. of St. Thomas, MN Muskingum College, OH
1992 Bethlehem, PA Alma College, MI Moravian College, PA
1993 Pella, IA Central College, IA Capital University, OH
1994 Eau Claire, WI Capital University, OH Washington Univ., MO
1995 Columbus, OH Capital University, OH Wisconsin-Oshkosh
1996 Oshkosh, WI Wisconsin-Oshkosh Mt. Union College, OH
1997 New York, NY New York University Wisconsin-Eau Claire
1998 Gorham, ME Washington Univ., MO Southern Maine Mt. Union Coll., OH Rowan Coll., NJ



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