1973 Tournament

Host:  Go to 1972 NWIT Tournament
Champion:     Wayland Baptist
Runner-Up:      John F. Kennedy (NE) Go to 1974 NWIT Tournament
        Third:      Parsons
      Fourth:      Ranger Junior College Return to Index Page
Consolation Winner:  Murray State
Consolation Runner-up:  Seminole Junior College (OK)

8 teams
Belmont Abbey
John F. Kennedy (NE)
Murray State
Northeast Louisiana
Ranger Junior College
Seminole Junior College (OK)
Wayland Baptist
First Round - ? Semifinals - ? Championship
Wayland Baptist 69
Belmont Abbey 47 Wayland Baptist 47
Ranger J.C. 40 Ranger J.C. 36
Murray State 39 Wayland Baptist 52
Parsons 60 John F. Kennedy 49
Seminole J.C. 50 Parsons 48
Third Place:
John F. Kennedy 55 John F. Kennedy 54 Parsons 38
Northeast Louisiana 38 Ranger J.C. 37

Semifinals Consolation Finals Seventh Place
Belmont Abbey 48
Murray State 57 Murray State 49
Belmont Abbey 54
Seminole J.C. 45 Seminole J.C. 46 Northeast Louisiana 53
Northeast Louisiana 42

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